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The Faces of Meena House

Helping Children in Need

Neema Foundation is pleased to sponsor Meena House - a children's home in Tanzania. There are currently 22 children ranging in age from two through college living in the home. 

Our mission is to house, protect, provide healthcare and education, plant seeds of hope and inspire dreams in the children of Meena House. We want the children to know they are no longer orphans. Each one of them are God's most beloved and beautiful creations and they belong in the Meena House family.

Abot Meena House

Meena House

Making a Difference for Children in Need 

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Meena House

A safe haven for

children in need. 

Sleeping Quarters

We are pleased to be able to offer individual beds for all the children. 


Showers, sinks, and toilets mean proper bathrooms for everyone.

Kitchen and 
Dining Area

Adequate space for preparing, storing and serving food. 

Our Founder

The Neema Foundation

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Judy McGruder, CEO/Trustee

My Neema Foundation journey began in 2012 while on a family vacation to Africa. We visited an orphanage and fell in love with the children and continued to visit through the years.  We sent gifts and donations between visits, helped with medical and basic needs during visits, and watched God work through each struggle and season. On Mother's Day 2016, I personally accepted my calling to mother these children.  Since then, we've opened Meena House where we continue to care for precious children in need of a loving home.

Costs for Serving Meena Children

Cost of Health Care for 22 Meena Kids - $310 per month

Food for each child - $184 per month

Annual schooling including fees and supplies - $986 per child

University costs - $2,174 per student

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Our Founder
Serving Meena Children
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